Branden Scalera

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Areas of Expertise: Strength Gain, Fat Loss, Functional Fitness


Branden Scalera is now a full-time trainer with us, and I’m so happy to have him! He’s an expert in functional fitness, fat loss, and nutrition for weight loss, along with strength training for muscle growth and neuromuscular flexibility. Branden brings his wonderful sense of humor, kindness, and empathy to brighten up our space, and watching him steadily push his clients past their comfort zones is so much fun! I’ve happily sent my personal clients to his classes for some serious calorie-burning workouts, and I love hearing how much fun they have with him. I’ve also watched carefully as his clients safely shed weight and build muscle, their smiles and confidence growing while they amaze me with their quick progress.


Branden is an Oregon native, and he truly loves this wet, soggy place we call home. He’s passionate about racing cars, travel, and all things fitness (seriously, he pours over fitness, strength training, and nutrition videos on YouTube for fun!). His love for working out shows in his own commitment to keeping himself healthy, lean, and totally fit…he’s such an inspiration!


Branden’s friends and family are fiercely loyal to him, and once you get to know this funny, quiet guy you’ll quickly see why. He’s so nice, you won’t even notice he’s pushing you way outside your comfort zone, making you sweat like crazy, and changing your whole life while he’s at it.


Come on in and meet Branden, I know you’ll love him as much as I do!