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Learning the hard way...

I developed my holistic nutrition approach as over the years I watched many of my clients having great success with their nutrition. For awhile. I would create a meal plan, give them lots of encouragement and daily coaching, and held them accountable for their choices. This is the perfect recipe for success, right? Well, it was...until it wasn't.

I watched as one after the other began to sabotage their successes once they were done training with me and were out on their own.

This is where my journey into holistic nutrition began.

I saw that the reason my perfect formula wasn't working is that it was my formula, not theirs. The changes all came from me, driven by my expertise, and my passion for what I do. I thought I could will my clients into positive change. Once I realized this wasn't sustainable, I began to work with my clients on a timeline that allowed the changes in their habits to come from them.

What does holistic nutrition mean for you? 

Your holistic nutrition plan begins with 2 very simple changes in your diet, as well as tracking your food and water intake. Once we gain a healthy awareness for your habits, we can begin to discuss the next step that feels right for you, then the next and the next. Before you know it, you're living a healthy lifestyle, eating clean, and loving the foods you're eating...because YOU chose them every step of the way.

You're left with a collaborative plan that walks you into the healthiest body you've ever known, and a lifestyle that will serve you for the rest of your days.

You'll feel more energy and vibrancy, look younger and feel more confident than you ever thought possible. 

Give me a call today and let's get started!