Wouldn't you like to be my next success story?

Bryn is a busy medical professional and didn't have a lot of time to workout. Her goal was to lose 30 pounds by her wedding. A few months into her training she'd already met her goal and wanted to keep going. By the time she got married, she'd lost over 60 pounds and gained a significant amount of fat-burning lean muscle. She's continued her healthy lifestyle after the wedding, and not only does she look incredible, but her confidence is through the roof and her entire outlook on life has changed. I'm so proud of her! 

TJ Before and After.jpg

TJ started working with me in the hopes of losing fat and gaining muscle. He's a busy software engineer, and without a lot of time on his hands he needed concrete tools and techniques to get lean and feel confident meeting new people. He far surpassed his original goals and ended up losing over 50 pounds of fat and gaining 25 pounds of muscle. Great job TJ!

Priti is a dentist-turned-homemaker with 2 wonderful, busy kids. She and her husband both lost over 40 pounds and 25 inches in the 8 months we worked together! She continued making fitness and great nutrition a lifestyle, and today is a successful health coach herself! Her husband also kept the weight off and maintains his healthy lifestyle despite balancing a hectic career as a doctor and his family life.

James was a very busy business owner and had always struggled with his weight. He came to me with the hope of losing weight and gaining confidence in himself. By joining my 5-day per week program he lost over 50 pounds of fat in just a few months, not to mention gaining 25 pounds of lean muscle!

Dara was an IT Director working full-time along with her busy riding schedule, so she enrolled in my 5 day per week 30-minute program. We made small tweaks to her diet, and much to her surprise, her wedding dress had to be taken in multiple times! She got down to a 23" waist for her wedding, far surpassing her original goal.  What a beautiful bride!

Training with me 3 times per week for an hour and utilizing my proven nutrition plan, Anne lost 6 inches around her waist and over 12 pounds in 3 months!  She also greatly improved her flexibility and marathon pace.

Dana did great losing some weight on her own before training with me, then fast-tracked to a size 2 for her wedding! She's since had a beautiful little girl and went on to get her PhD. It's been so fun to see her become a marathon runner and continue her healthy lifestyle!