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I started working out with Tiffany at the end of November, 2006. We set up an aggressive yet reachable target for weight loss and muscle toning. I work out in her private fitness gym 2-3 times a week, doing the exercises she has planned for me. She watches my posture, recommends adjustments, and is constantly watching to make sure I get the best workout possible. I’ve used several personal trainers over the years and none of them has ever achieved these results. I’ve lost 18 pounds and several inches in the key areas we targeted. I have been following the dietary recommendations and I feel great. The gym is a world class space and during my time there, the focus is on my requirements and my results. I would recommend Tiffany to anyone who is serious about a custom exercise program.
— Dan J.
I worked with Tiffany. She has been great! Motivating but not pushy, she has helped me remember how much fun working out can be. She is professional and still personable. She helps you understand what you are doing, and offers tools to help you succeed. Don’t be fooled! YOU still have to do the work! LOL! Tiffany is wonderful and I highly recommend her.
— Sarah W.
So, my friend Fig (an accomplished distance runner), recently moved to Seattle and called me to complain about his new personal trainer. As he went on about it, I realized that I also have complaints about my trainer, Tiffany. Before I knew it, this woman drove 50 POUNDS OF FAT from my body in 4 months! So inconsiderate! Now what am I supposed to do with all this freakin’ lean muscle mass? How am I supposed to deal with all this newfound self-esteem and body image healing and on-top-of-the-world feeling? And where’s the money tree that’s going to help me buy new size 36 jeans since the size 46 ones I used to wear have been rendered useless by this fitness guru? I’ll probably need smaller ones in a couple more months! And if I hear her heartfelt encouragement one more time, or if I have to endure any more valuable information and cameraderie, there’s gonna be fireworks. I mean, who says “You’re awesome!” day in and day out anyway? It’s like she’s pulling for me or something, like she’s 100% behind me and is personall invested in my success. I guess it isn’t enough that she takes the time to get to know me, or that she consistently pushes me to new achievements, or that she zeroes in on nutrition like a sniper to help me develop life-prolonging habits. Noooooooo, she’s gotta be friendly and supportive and focused and uber-knowledgeable to boot? Sheesh! How much positive energy can one guy take? Seriously, if you want to make a change, call Tiffany. As good as walking is for you, run — do not walk — to her. Ask her for my email and I’ll answer any questions you have about my experience. And if you want to see what I’ve been “complaining” about, I’ll be glad to send you my “before” and “today” pictures so you can see for yourself what this woman did to me. Scratch that. See what she did FOR me. (Oh, and Fig’s main complaint about his trainer was that he pales in comparison to the one session he had with Tiffany.)
— James P.
Tiffany knows her stuff and is an amazing motivator. She listens intently to your goals, measures everything possible, and sets the pace. It also helps that she has great taste in music and allows you to bring your own (her iTunes library is to die for). Her private gym allows me to concentrate on the muscley task at hand and jam into fitness nirvana. And, I appreciate being able to swear like a sailor when that last rep just won’t cooperate. Results, fun, music, and swearing — what more could you want?
— Jill B.
Tiffany bought out my old trainer’s business, so I really didn’t know what to expect at first. I figured I’d try a few sessions, and go somewhere else if I didn’t like her. I had 30 minute sessions instead of the normal hour. I was immediately impressed when she came prepared for our first workout with a plan designed to be done 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That way I could easily stay on the program on my days that I didn’t have a session. She has continued to impress me by always working to expand her fitness knowledge via books, certifications, and outside training. As for results...I started working out with Tiffany a few months before my wedding. Everyone at the store where I was having my dress made wanted her card. I was fairly fit to start with, but I lost track of the number of times my dress had to be taken in. I’m 5’6” and now have a 23” waist, which I haven’t had since high school. Thanks Tiffany.
— Dara P.
Hey there, If anyone is looking for a place to get fit and healthy, Tiffany’s is the place to go. I had been looking for a trainer for awhile but I never wanted to go to those big gyms. I finally found her on the internet and I can’t say enough great things! Tiffany is totally dedicated to her clients, and makes you feel such self worth when you are there, that you continue to feel great when you leave. I will never seek another trainer or gym. I am definitely healthier, happier, and stronger than I have ever been. Thank you Tiffany.
— Tone B.
At 40 years old, with two businesses, two kids and an overachieving husband (I forgot the muddy, remote control eating puppy)... I actually became the cliche of the tired, strung out middle aged mom. Feeling exhausted when walking up stairs and highly emotional due to the pressures of life. Tiffany listened to my needs and understands that it’s overall quality of life that I’m after. She is like my golden insurance policy that protects me from these things - 1. Feeling bad about myself 2. Making poor choices with my diet and lifestyle 3. Feeling stressed out that I grind my teeth 4. Insomnia 5. Terrible PMS 6. And oh, ya...dying young. It’s that simple. Show up, open your heart and allow yourself to bear all your insecurities about everything that has to do with not being in shape. Tiffany will hold your hand, remind you that you are a rock star and actually make getting in shape FUN. She reminds you of your personal power and enables you to get control of your ______! I don’t need a therapist, anti-depressants or a boyfriend. I am okay and for that perfect three hours a week, It’s all about me. I LOVE MY TRAINER.
— Michelle R.
After my wedding, I found myself bored, tired, depressed and - *gulp* - fat. I’ve always been one of those people who when seeing a row of others on cardio machines couldn’t help but imagine them as lab animals on giant wheels, so needless to say I’ve never been much into exercise. The thought of a gym freaked me out! I didn’t know what I should be doing or how I should be doing it. So I decided to find a trainer, and in my research happened upon Tiffany - thank GOD! From my first meeting with Tiffany, I felt comfortable. Neither she nor the gym are in anyway intimidating. She’s understanding and non judgmental, which is especially good for a girl who’s previous idea of weight-lifting was raising a pint glass to her lips. She made me enjoy literally sweating my butt off and the soreness that comes the day after a hard workout. She was always supportive and encouraging, and never made me feel bad or embarrassed about my lack of training skills. In the month I was able to work with her, she managed to replace my fries with whole-grains, cigarettes with the elliptical, and beer with water, as well as making me laugh on a daily basis. I am now proud to say that I am one of those lab animals on the wheel 6 days a week, and am even in talks with a friend about possibly hiking the Appalachian Trail! If you could possibly understand how incredibly lazy I was before I began with Tiffany, reading that alone would have you on the phone booking your first session with her. My mood and energy level are also WAY up, which is a huge bonus! I should also mention that one day when I got my session time wrong, instead of sending me home to come back at the right time she started my session and had another trainer finish training me when she had to leave. He was also great and not intimidating, which is a hard feat when you’re a guy working with a fat girl! Anyway, if you’re considering checking out Tiffany, do it. You’ve got nothing to lose but that big old gut.
— Lisa B.
I contacted Tiffany when my workout routine became stagnant and I lost motivation to go to the gym. I wanted someone to really push me and to understand MY goals. (I found that the big corporation trainers had a hidden agenda). Tiffany listened to me, and gave me great nutrition and exercise advice. With her help I was able to maintain my weight, but shed tons of fat and gain LOTS of strength. For the first time in my life, I was EXHAUSTED after training, but if felt sooooo GOOD to be encouraged to take my routine to the next level of intensity. Tiffany was really great at determining how far she could push me, and when my body wasn’t up to it, she knew to back off. Even though I’m not training with her now, I am able to come in for free measurements to see if I’m keeping up on my workout routine and achieving my goals. I always look forward to seeing her and being in her beautiful private gym.
— Marie V.
After two pregnancies, my body really needed some serious help and that’s when I discovered Tiffany. She was always able to answer my many questions that I kept challenging her with. She’s very easy to work with and presents herself with a smile even on days that were challenging for herself. Her fitness studio is very clean and equipped with all the training gear you need. She’s helped my husband and I make lifelong changes in our food plan as well as exercise regimen. I trained with her for 8 months and with Tiffany’s guidance, I lost 40 pounds and over 25 inches! It has been a very motivating and positive experience for me. Not only did I change physically on the outside, but from the inside I gained more confidence making me a better mom and wife. Now exercise is a daily priority in our lives! If you’re ready for a lifestyle change, then Tiffany is the personal trainer you want. She’s great!!!
— Priti C.

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